Our Teachers are professionally qualified and experienced in teaching pre-primary children.

Our staff comprises a principal, two teachers and two assistants.  For approximately 40 children.

All our staff have first aid qualifications.


Security is excellent with the private premises fully secured as well as the additional security provided by the guards at the end of the closed road for St. John’s College.

In addition, access is controlled with all vehicles having to display an access sticker provided by St. John’s security. 

School Happenings

There are many, they vary from year to year, but generally include the following:

Puppet Shows

Spring Hat Day

Magician Shows

Holloween Dress-Up

Pirate Dress-Up

Science Activities, Exploration, Hands- on Activities

Carols by Candlelight / Nativity Play

Zoo Visits

Sprinkler Day

Granny and Grandpa’s Tea

A Day In The Life Of The Cubs: The Daily Routine

Upon arrival there is Indoor Play – today they played with play dough.

It may be threading, construction or puzzles.

This is followed by first Outdoor play– free play, riding bikes, climbing up the jungle gym.

Snack time with popcorn, delicious peanut butter and jam sandwiches, fruit, and juice.

Arts & Crafts – Our theme this week is:  Animal homes.
We did the snail’s home today, which is on his back,
They coloured- in and then painted and decorated the picture.

and I found two snails in the garden to show them!

Afterwards we washed hands & did a toilet visit.

Ring time:

First, we sang songs which they love, including Hot Cross Buns; One, Two, Buckle My Shoe…

Then we did an Auditory processing activity using an interactive farmyard, with a CD and puzzle, the children have been learning all the farmyard animal noises this week, and we went over them with the activity.

Teaching task: this week they have been learning the colour Yellow, the term ducklings, and practicing counting, using plastic ducklings up to 3.

The yellow colour bag has been investigated.

We then marched with musical instruments using the tambourines today, the maracas yesterday!

We then caught bubbles.

Then we played an indoor ball game promoting co-ordination, by rolling the ball across the room between their legs.

Second outdoor Play. Here we often design a planned activity such as balancing on the balance beam or

Ball skills games, water troughs with boats and ducks, sand pit play, hopping and other physical activities.

Then we read stories, here the children are involved by answering various relevant questions and participating in the story. Today they practiced animal noises and counting whenever we could.

The stories and art are related to the theme of the week.

Then it was nappy- changing again, shoes on, faces wiped and home time!


Activities in the Cubs group include:

  • Learning to share & to take turns
  • Sing songs & Nursery Rhymes
  • Catch & blow bubbles
  • A variety of educational games
  • Learning colours, shapes & new vocabulary
  • Play dough, construction activities, puzzles
  • Dress up, fantasy play, make believe, puppet shows
  • Playing ball games, water games
  • Threading, cutting, pasting
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Colouring & Painting
  • Matching tasks
  • Outdoor games, obstacle courses
  • Auditory processing tasks
  • Counting
  • Dexterity & coordination tasks
  • Balancing
  • Sandpit construction
  • Free Play
  • Story time

Activities in the Tigers & Crocodiles group include:

  • Sing songs & Nursery Rhymes
  • A variety of educational games
  • A huge variety of complex construction activities, puzzles
  • Dress up, fantasy play, make believe, puppet shows
  • Playing ball games, water games
  • Threading, more complex cutting, pasting
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Colouring & Painting, working with different media
  • Matching, Sequencing & other cognitive tasks
  • Outdoor games, obstacle courses, sandpit fun
  • Number skills, number concept, recognition of numbers
  • Introduction to the alphabet
  • Learning of terms & vocabulary
  • Pre-maths skills, pre-writing skills
  • Balancing & tandem walking
  • Perseverance & completion of tasks
  • Free Play
  • Story time
Children must first be happy and then they will learn.