Daily Programme

Daily Programme

Our day includes:

  • Indoor Play – sometimes a structured activity, sometimes free play
  • Morning ring to catch up on news and hear some interesting fun teaching
  • Sing-song time
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Morning snack
  • Formal work
  • Outdoor Play – sometimes a skill to be taught e.g. balancing on the balance beam, sometimes free play
  • Story time

There is some variation from time to time; such as on a Friday we have ‘Show & Tell’, when children have an opportunity to bring an object of interest from home to present to their class – relating to the theme of the week. This teaches them the valuable skill of presenting and speaking in front of a group.

In addition, on some Friday’s we do baking which is tremendously good fun as tasting is completely necessary!

We don’t put pressure on our children but do expose them to new learning opportunities. They can then respond according to their interest and abilities. Within each group there is differentiation of activities according to their individual abilities.

Much of our teaching is based on a hands-on approach with concrete activities; with a wide variety of educational games and specialised perceptual and construction equipment available to add a vital element of fun to all the learning programmes.

We use wonderful bright, colourful Art materials to give our children an opportunity to develop their creative side and a sense of pride and accomplishment in their work. Parents receive comprehensive progress reports at the end of each term.

We use the three-term private school calendar.

Children must first be happy and then they will learn.