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Little Stars Playschool

Philosophy: Children must first be happy and then they will learn.

Little Stars is situated on the prestigious St. John’s College campus. The security is excellent together with our educational programme which is outstanding.

The aim of the programme is to provide focussed stimulation during this early learning phase. Learning takes place through fun-filled activities, which are proven to achieve optimal progress. This gives the child a head start in such areas as speech development, social interaction, and preparedness for ‘big school’. A solid foundation is essential to establishing a love of learning and future success in their education.

A child must believe in themselves and establish a good self-esteem in order to cope with life’s many challenges.

About Us

  • Little Stars is a co-ed pre-school catering for children between the ages of 18 months and 6 years.
  • The 4 classrooms are well-equipped and have access to a lovely, protected garden.
  • The grassed playground provides wonderful opportunities for gross motor development and excellent socialisation during outdoor play. Climbing, sliding, swinging, fantasy play in the Wendy houses, bike riding, ball play and sand play among others, remain popular.
  • The school is run on Christian principles, but no religious instruction takes place. All religions are welcome.
  • We have proven track record and feed all the good schools in the neighbourhood.
  • Little Stars started in September 2002.
  • Our classes are small, facilitating individual attention.
Children must first be happy and then they will learn.